This Call For Proposals is closed.

It closed on
June 15, 2015 (Mon).

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Rocky Mountain Ruby

Rocky Mountain Ruby is now accepting talks for our 2 day, single track conference in Boulder, Colorado September 24th and 25th. We are looking for presentations of interest to Rubyists.

Talk length
Talks are 30 minutes in length which should include time for questions.

Talk topics
The conference will not have a specific theme but the program will have a mix of technical and non-technical talks. Technical content can vary from approaches to software design to modern Ruby techniques to related technologies. Non-technical content could be talks on team dynamics to career development to life hacking. Group presentations or panels are acceptable.

We recognize the lack of diversity in our industry, and we want to be part of the change we would like to see. If you are unsure about whether to submit your proposal, please go for it and apply! We are happy to discuss your idea and help you tune it for what we're looking for.

Selection criteria
Preference will be given to the freshest material so if you are recycling a talk please make sure to update it for the conference. Ultimately, we want to put together a compelling program that will inspire, challenge or educate your fellow Rubyists.

Conference Code of Conduct
We are putting together an inclusive and diverse conference and have a strict anti-harassment policy. Please refrain from excessive language as well as other offensive material.

The call will end June 15th at midnight Mountain time. There are advantages to submitting early. Some talks may be given early acceptance so if you're sure what you want to speak about, go ahead and submit it once you have your idea together. Also, as we're more than willing to help you develop your idea, starting that conversation earlier will give you the best shot for your talk. We will announce the accepted talks in early to mid July, no later than July 15th.